Space Weed

I was carrying this blog as some kind of abandoned bastard child in the back of my head since quite some time. I normally want to write more meaty articles, but then again, sometimes I just want to voice my elaborate opinion. Most of all, I wanted a graphical overhaul of the page before I started blogging again. So, in total, my ideas were just a big mess that would go no where. But my pragmatistic self took control now, and I will start blogging again, making this thing an unconceptualized collection of stuff. On the other hand, I was taking Computer Science classes in the last year and am currently learning Ruby, so maybe I will write my own blog software and turn the cold shoulder on wordpress. Judged on my past progressions this is not very likely though.

OK, so I was watching Star Trek today. The movie itself had me a little skeptic because of all its praise (And because the writer of the movie also wrote Armageddon, or at least I thought so). But, what can I say, it was pretty good. There were very few really ridiculous scenes – and I mean Die Hard 4 I jump a bike in the helicopter ridiculous, or depiction of the dwarf in Lord of the Rings ridiculous. Neither were there any too cheesy love or self revelation scenes. OK, there was this one scene where young Kirk almost runs step daddie’s car off a cliff and jumps out of the speeding car to stand up unimpressed and give a cool comment; but that’s also the worst it gets.

The action was to the most degree captivating. The scenes and their placement often reminded me of Star Wars, like a fight on an elevated platform. The three main heroes, Kirk, McCoy and Spock have all been depicted as rebels in their own context, which struck me as a little too cool, but what the heck, maybe we all are Easy Riders nowadays? Another remarkable thing to me was the racial stereotyping. The federation featured all kinds of colorful aliens, but from all the different nations and species the only one with a dialect was the Russian (Checkov) and the Scot (Scotty) whereby both dialects had been ‚exploited‘ humorously. Apart from that, I got heavily reminded of Galloway’s argument that stereotypes always have to reside in a realm of fantasy before they actually can become real (because of their abstract being – think of Star Treks different factions). I would definitely advise watching the movie, it’s a well crafted thrill ride (although the hand to hand combat was shot with my favorite quick cut, wiggly camera technique) and doesn’t feature the insane amount of stupid dialog like the recent Watchmen or unmotivated over the top action like the last Die Hard and Indie Jones. I think J.J. Abrahm’s also did a decent job putting a butt load of series references in the movie (as far as I can tell), but I would bet that the diehard Star Trek fan would still be dissatisfied with it’s atypical pace and narration (for a Star Trek movie, that is).

As you might have recognized, I started writing in English. I shall keep it like that until someone gives me a friendly little nudge, telling me that it sucks.


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