Special Delivery: Sextimate!




How many women do have to cross your eye until u get laid?

Calculate NOW with: Sextimate!

How many seconds do have to take a dazzling ride on the river of time until you can ejaculate your friendly semen into the readymade safty-container?

Estimate with Sextimate! (And don´t complain about my english)

Finishing a hard days work and asking yourself if your remaing freetime is sufficient to pull a woman?

The times of faulty calculations are gone, since there is:


You can estimate your „time to hit“ with a gouvernmental proven significance level of 95%.

Just Sextimate!

Its even easier than getting attention by running naked through a shopping mal in winter!

And the best of all: After subsribing to a monthly payment of 5,95$ its free!

And the best of all: Your first try is free! (Besides 300 hunders pages of advertisement, but thats not really like your paying anything, so dont be a nosy cock!)

First: An Example.

I give you an example creating my own sextimate. See, im a regular guy, maybe even uglier than you are. And im completly not saying that because I want your money, I´m saying it because I´m a humanist, or how ever it´s called. So it´s about not hurting your feelings. Hehehe. But lets get it on:

1. Checking the Looks

So your looking for sex. First rule: Don´t be too picky. Dont care for the looks too much. By a first glance you can decide if a girl is layable and I bet it takes like, lets say, a long 3 seconds to check a girl. So I´ll say, for me, its 7 out of 10 girls that are completly layable (by looks). Or lets say 8. 8 is fine.

So: 8/10. Which would be 80/100.

2. Checking the IQ

Ok, next step. You start chatting. Its understandable if you say some girls are really too dumb to fuck, your point is, you couldn´t ever have an erection after you heard this one chick talking for five seconds – I wouldn´t beg to differ. But bear in mind that you have to be a little tolerant since you´re setting up to get laid.

Let´s say, 4 out of 5 women again are NOT too stupid be fuckable, and it takes like 5 minutes to get to know if shes dumb.

3. Checking her interest and get checked

So, next thing is, you have to check out if the chicks up for sex. This takes most of the time, since you can´t be too straight forward, or maybe you can, I for myself simply never tried. But since there are cultural rules you have to obey to play the game, it means you have to take your time if you want to hit a chick.

You shouldn´t get to quickly frustrated, since there are plenty of reasons the girl isn´t interested in you in a sexual way: Maybe she has a boyfriend (4/10) or she´s simply not up for sex (1/3).

From that point on, we´re left only with women actually looking for sex: Which are 0,6*0,66 = 0,396, about 4 out of 10 women. From now on she could exclude you out of her „I would have sex with that guy“-list beacuse of 3 reasons: a) she is offended by your stupidity b) she doens´t like your looks or c) some strange reasons im too lazy to specify. This factor is, I admit, a highly individual one, though it doesnt have that much impact a how witty chatter you are or how modelish your looks is like.

For myself, i would guess that 6 out of 10 women who want to have sex, could be convinced to take a trip to my personal dreamland. Which leaves us a fair 0,6 * 0,396 = 0,2376 out of every women which didn´t deselect me earlier or got deselected. This hole checking procedure takes about, lets say, 45 minutes as a mean.

If you want to argue there should be a single level for both: checking interest and get checked: I put it together, because both checks actually take place at the same time.

4. Hooking up

Now you know the woman is sexually interested, but you might still mess it up or catch bad luck: She might change her mind when you reach her home or whatever the weather brings. I would guesstimate that 1 chick out of 4 changes her mind (or you still happen to do some stupid action which dequalifys you even after you already won the race). This phase should speed @ 2 hours / a chick.


To caculate your „time to hit“, we have to add your throwbacks: you have to pass each stage several times. To do this you simply add the probabilty of a throwback at each stage, to each stage below itself. Like this:

First Stage:

1 (basic first try)

+ 0,2

+ 0,2

+ ~3,21

+ 0,25

Second Stage:


+ 0,2

+ 3,21

+ 0,25

Third Stage:


+ 3,21

+ 0,25

Last One:


+ 0,25

(Throwback chance is: (1/Failure Propability)-1)


Now we sum up everything and multiplicate it with the amount of time one needs for a single try:

1.) 4,86 * 3 s = 14,58s


2.) 4,66 * 300s = 1398s


3.) 4,46 * 2700s = 12042s


4.) 1,25 * 7200s = 9000s

Total Sum:

14,58s + 1398s + 12042s + 9000s = 22454,58s = 374,243min = ~6,234h

This means i need 6,234h of time with about 9 women to get laid. Nice

Remember: Sextimate! uses a highly abstract setting to sextimate your time to hit! Don´t factually try to get laid if you´re at a picknick with 9 girls at the same time. You have to obey your cutural rules (which you should now best!). It resemebles a try to get laid at a club or let´s say, splitted up at a introductionary lecture at your university.

A Html Script or simple programm to easily calculate your own sextimate will follow.

Plus my Bank Account.

Best regards,



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